Journey through infertility ain’t easy nor cheap. Still, God is good…

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I wish my news were different…

I am not pregnant. My triplets did not survive.

My nurse called this afternoon to tell us the news and that she’s sorry. She instructed me to stop all meds.

Dr Sch called later too but we were not able to talk. Maybe tomorrow.

So I hope I do not have to have a D and C but instead miscarry naturally.

As for the rest if the 8 good eggs? We did say we were going to do it once only. Now… I’m not sure if we can definitely repeat that.

Time to retreat and seek God’s comfort and guidance even more.

It’s painful. It’s sad. But just like Job, I say “Though he slay me, yet will i hope in Him.”

God is still good.

July 7, 2009   11 Comments

iPhone has a WordPress App!

Woo hoo!!!!

I just discovered that iPhone has a WordPress app! And I’m doing the dance of joy!!!!

Well hopefully this will help me blog more frequently!!!

Meanwhile, thank you everyone for your encouraging words!!! Just a few more days left and the waiting will soon be over.

July 5, 2009   2 Comments

Waiting Womb No More…

They’re in!!!

3 of them.

6 cells, Grade 4
6 cells, Grade 4-
5 cells, Grade 4

I am a bit disappointed because they are not the best numbers compared to the desired 8 cells on Day 3. But they are what they are…

As always, the only thing and the best thing we can do as we wait is to rest in the Lord. Keep us in your prayers because we know it will not always be easy to do that. Pray that our hearts be prepared for God’s will for our children.

So on with the 36 hour bedrest! And I’m not complaining! :)

June 26, 2009   6 Comments

Back in Denver

Yes, folks… we are back in Denver!

So since I have been a truant blogger, here’s what’s been up till today:
28 eggs retrieved -> 21 eggs mature -> 20 eggs biopsied -> 15 eggs tested normal

Dr Sch recommended to thaw 10 eggs and transfer back 4 embryos. (As if! As if we’re going to have that much embryos for transferring ha?)

Well, DH and I decided that we will thaw 7 eggs and transfer back 3 embryos only. We thought that 4 was just too much if they all do take! And DH did say that those are good numbers. So no scientific basis here at all. We were at peace with that decision.

So the T, the embryologist, thawed 7 eggs Tuesday morning and fertilized them in the afternoon.

This morning, I got a call from S, another embryologist I suppose, that 5/7 fertilized. Woo hoo 5! 5! 5! I know it’s too early to know and celebrate but I’ll take any good news even this early onw!

Of course, there are no quality information yet as the “embryos” are still at the 1-cell stage. She said though that they were not dark, which is supposed to be good. We’ll get the next report on Friday.

We are tentatively scheduled for a Friday day 3 transfer, 11:30am. Then 36 hours of bedrest. Then fly back to Austin on Sunday.

If it is a day 5 transfer, then that is another story!

June 25, 2009   4 Comments

Ganirelix $hocker

Ganirelix was not in my original protocol.  But trust my overachieving ovaries to mess up the plan…

So, I got my receipt for the 3 syringes of Ganirelix from Todd’s in the mail today.



I should have expected it to be expensive for after all, what infertility med does not cost an arm (and a leg?). I didn’t expect it to be that expensive because before I gave my credit card info I asked nurse H*l*n about how much it costs. And she said about $20… I remember thinking… hmmm, not too bad… not bad at all.

Arrrgghh!!! And to think that I actually wasted 1 syringe, too, while we were in Colorado Springs and I was in a hurry to inject myself  because I was about an hour late already. (Could have used the $ to go check out more restaurants :) )

Now maybe, I did not hear her right? Maybe she said $120 and I just heard it wrong??? Maybe. Maybe not.

I googled the Ganirelix price and it showed $80-$120, so Todd’s price was just about right.  I just did not get/hear the correct price from the nurse. Oh well… a couple hundred dollars more for this cycle. Sigh…

If you had Ganirelix in your protocol, how much was a syringe and from where did you get it from?

March 23, 2009   14 Comments


Oh, it feels good to be home!

Denver is like a bigger version of Boise (and I loved Boise!). They are both cities on a valley where you could see the mountains from afar, have dry and cold weather, but do not have a lot greens (at least during winter).

When we arrived in Austin this morning, my nose felt much better – I can breathe more comfortably and I can smell better! I didn’t know how much I missed the oak and cedar tress in the Texas hill country until today. It’s just good to be home!

Anyhow, John, the embryologist, called to say that: [Read more →]

March 19, 2009   12 Comments

IVF#1 – Egg Retrieval Report

Hey, I’m back at our hotel room. The ER went smoothly and just like what the other ladies commented before me – the nurses (Liz, Lynn and Melody) and doctors were very efficient yet had excellent bedside manners!

They have 7 retrievals and 7 transfers today – now who says there is a recession? I was their first retrieval of the day. Dr xxxxmeister, the anesthesiologist, placed something on my IV. I immediately started getting sleepy and then they wheeled me in the OR. I woke up a few minutes later feeling sore in the lower abdomen. I felt warm though and I learned later that there was warm air being blown into some plastic sheath on top of my blanket. That was comfy and soothing!

Post IVF Egg Retrieval

I was watching them do their thing when I woke up and they were up and about all the time – no dead time! They were also on time for the next retrievals.

Dr Gustof did the ER. [

March 18, 2009   10 Comments

IVF#1 – Microarray on my Eggs

I learn a lot from the Internet and the women who have traveled this Infertility Path. So, when I hear about pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS), I now know that it could be the FISH (Fluorescent In-Situ Hybridization), CGH (Comparative Genome Hybridization) or Microarray (MA).

I really do not know a lot about the CGH methodology in details. I just knew …
– that a lot of women were successful in becoming pregnant when they had their embryos screened with CGH.
– that CGH tests 23 pairs of chromosomes vs the older FISH methodology of 9 pairs
– that CGH takes about the same amount of time to have the eggs/embryos tested (6 weeks)
– that CGH costs the same $$$ ($5000)

I also knew that…
– the lab the CCRM was using for the CGH (Reprogenetics, I suppose, based on the example report that was shown during the genetic counseling) recently had an issue that caused “no results”, and which they supposedly have fixed (and that CCRM has supposedly verified)
– in my conversation with ********, she relayed that a knowledgeable friend adviced her to do CGH (instead of Microarray (MA))

So I was thinking I would still go for CGH inspite and despite because … [Read more →]

March 18, 2009   3 Comments

IVF#1 – Tomorrow is the Egg Retrieval day

I went in for the bloodwork this morning to confirm if the HCG trigger shot last night worked. Rhonda, the IVF nurse, told us to stay in the Denver metro area just in case I needed an HCG booster shot.  

(Yeah, she must have heard of our Ganirelix fiasco while out to Colorado Springs yesterday.  Well, this means that Pike’s Peak and Garden of the Gods will just have to be on the next trip! That’s probably better since it will be spring then – greener and prettier!)

I guess I don’t need an HCG booster shot since I did not get a call.

I just got a call about 30 minutes ago though from Dr xxxxmeister (or something like that) who is going to be the anesthesiologist tomorrow. He told me that the anesthesia for tomorrow’s egg retrieval is going to be “lighter” than the one I had during my laparoscopy. He also said that I will only be asleep for a little while and will not need oxygen mask. I just told him to take good care of me which of course he said he was going to. :)

I think that means I will truly have my eggs harvested tomorrow! Pray that it goes smoothly, that I have lots of mature eggs and that I come back whole!

Meanwhile, I have a couple of posts I’d like to write but we’ll see how motivated I am after dinner. I need to decide where we will have our dinner before I go on fasting – Dr said nothing after 12 midnight for me!

March 17, 2009   2 Comments

IVF#1 – Antagon, Trigger Shot and ER

Apparently, my dusty ovaries are not that dusty…. my follies were marching well into the 20mm zone despite 0 Follistim on Saturday, Day 7 of stimulation. My E2’s were rising rapidly (>3000 on Saturday, then ~5000 on Sunday) so I needed to have Antagon/Ganirelix for Sunday and Monday.

I got that message late on Sunday afternoon because my cell phone was not with me during the day – my bad! Helen, the IVF nurse, mentioned though that she would have brought the meds to my hotel if we did not connect before she went home. Wow… they do go out of their way, huh?

Monday, we met with Danielle, the genetic counselor, again – $350 ka-ching on top of what was prepaid! Before the session, I was wondering what we else we were going to talk about since we had a relatively thorough discussion during the 1 day work-up. Turned out we spent more than the 1.5 hours allotted to us.

Highlights of the genetic counseling: [

March 16, 2009   1 Comment