Journey through infertility ain’t easy nor cheap. Still, God is good…
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IVF#1 – Antagon, Trigger Shot and ER

Apparently, my dusty ovaries are not that dusty…. my follies were marching well into the 20mm zone despite 0 Follistim on Saturday, Day 7 of stimulation. My E2’s were rising rapidly (>3000 on Saturday, then ~5000 on Sunday) so I needed to have Antagon/Ganirelix for Sunday and Monday.

I got that message late on Sunday afternoon because my cell phone was not with me during the day – my bad! Helen, the IVF nurse, mentioned though that she would have brought the meds to my hotel if we did not connect before she went home. Wow… they do go out of their way, huh?

Monday, we met with Danielle, the genetic counselor, again – $350 ka-ching on top of what was prepaid! Before the session, I was wondering what we else we were going to talk about since we had a relatively thorough discussion during the 1 day work-up. Turned out we spent more than the 1.5 hours allotted to us.

Highlights of the genetic counseling:
1. Both sides of our family have benign history for genetic risks so there are no additional tests that were recommended apart from what has been generically associated with race (already discussed during the 1 day work-up and which we declined).
2. The “scientist” decided that our eggs are going to Microarray (MA), not CGH. That threw me off specially since my conversation with Mamasoon. That led me to ask more questions and look for literature on MA.
3. Got a refresher course on meiosis and mitosis. :)
4. Should have signed consents for the biopsy, MA and related clinical studies.

We went to Colorado Springs on Monday afternoon just to look at the town. (The plan is to go back Tuesday for Pike’s Peak and Garden of the Gods.) I almost forgot to give myself the Ganirelix shot and when I did remember an hour later than I was supposed to, I pulled the plunger (instead of the needle cover) that I wasted 2/3 of the fluid!

Jill, the IVF nurse, instructed me not to use it and instead pick up a new one at the clinic. So, after an our long drive from Colorado springs, we got the new Ganirelix and I injected it at the CCRM parking lot – almost 3 hours after I should have.

So… I got the big needle on the b*tt about 2 hours ago. DH was sooo good – I thought he was just testing the needle. Before I knew it, the Novarel IM shot was finished!

I’m just so glad that I’m triggering as per “tentative” schedule. Bloodwork tomorrow should confirm if the Ovidrel worked. If everything goes well, egg retrieval will be 8am Wed 3/18.

I prepared this post on Monday night after the trigger shot but had to abort it because of ER. No, not Egg Retrieval – that would be on Wednesday. ER is emergency room…

DH had headaches in the last 2 days and was feeling restless. We thought at first it might just be the dry weather or his allergies. Anyhow, we went to Walmart to get his BP and buy a BP monitor. He was getting 140-160/90-100. So we went to Sky Ridge ER (a few meters from CCRM) to get himself checked. They could not do a lot for him since he was not having a stroke or anything, so they gave him Xanax instead.

I just praise God that He is always in control whatever our circumstances are.

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1 OPJ { 03.18.09 at 10:33 am }

Keeping myself updated on your Colorado trip. Praying that all goes well. Love you both!

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