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IVF#1 – Tomorrow is the Egg Retrieval day

I went in for the bloodwork this morning to confirm if the HCG trigger shot last night worked. Rhonda, the IVF nurse, told us to stay in the Denver metro area just in case I needed an HCG booster shot.  

(Yeah, she must have heard of our Ganirelix fiasco while out to Colorado Springs yesterday.  Well, this means that Pike’s Peak and Garden of the Gods will just have to be on the next trip! That’s probably better since it will be spring then – greener and prettier!)

I guess I don’t need an HCG booster shot since I did not get a call.

I just got a call about 30 minutes ago though from Dr xxxxmeister (or something like that) who is going to be the anesthesiologist tomorrow. He told me that the anesthesia for tomorrow’s egg retrieval is going to be “lighter” than the one I had during my laparoscopy. He also said that I will only be asleep for a little while and will not need oxygen mask. I just told him to take good care of me which of course he said he was going to. :)

I think that means I will truly have my eggs harvested tomorrow! Pray that it goes smoothly, that I have lots of mature eggs and that I come back whole!

Meanwhile, I have a couple of posts I’d like to write but we’ll see how motivated I am after dinner. I need to decide where we will have our dinner before I go on fasting – Dr said nothing after 12 midnight for me!


1 Sticks and Stims { 03.17.09 at 8:42 pm }

Good luck!

2 Mamasoon { 03.17.09 at 10:33 pm }

Good luck tomorrow. I like your new blog look. I’ll be looking for your update tomorrow. The surgical staff is amazing. You are in good hands. :-)

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